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Why choose Suds Wheel Services?

​​​Whether you have a slight kerb on your wheel, or you want a full colour change we can tailor the quote to your needs. A customised colour and finish can be used to change the look of your car making it truly unique. This is becoming much more popular. It can really alter the look of the car without breaking the bank.

​A large amount of Wheels we have in for refurbishment are diamond cut wheels that have become slightly damaged and start to corrode.

Although the option to have them diamond cut again is a possibility, we tend to end up painting them instead as this will mean the corrosion won’t happen again, which common fault with this kind of finish.

​Or for the simple fact that the wheels are looking tired and need a good fresh look. Whatever your need, feel free to get in touch for a personalised quotation.

From £40

Single Wheel

Small kerb repair on one wheel and sprayed

From £60

Full Single Wheel Face

Full face repair on a single wheel and sprayed.

From £220

Full Face Set

All four wheels are repaired and sprayed.

From £260

Full Colour Change

Colour of your choice. All four wheel faces are repaired, inside of the wheels are painted, prepared and sprayed. Tyres are then fitted and rebalanced.
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